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The Most Common iPhone Issues We Repair at Repair My Crack

5/10/2023 by

With each new iPhone model release, Apple continues to push the limits on innovation and performance. However, even the most advanced iPhones can experience technical issues and damage. At Repair My Crack, we specialize in iPhone repairs – fixing cracked screens, battery problems, water damage, and more. After repairing thousands of iPhones, we have discovered the most common issues customers bring to us. Read on to learn about the top iPhone problems we see and how we can quickly get your iPhone back up and running.


Cracked Screens


Without a doubt, cracked screens are the #1 issue we repair on iPhones. Apple uses durable Gorilla Glass on new iPhone models, but it still can’t prevent the hundreds of cracked screens we see. Even a minor drop at the wrong angle can cause unsightly cracks.


iPhone screen repair service is tricky work that requires disassembling the phone, removing the broken glass, installing a replacement screen, and reassembling everything. Our experienced techs make it look easy, but there is a risk of damaging connectors and flex cables if proper technique is not used. Attempting a DIY iPhone screen repair often results in a botched job and a useless phone. Our pros get it done quickly and correctly the first time.


Battery Problems


The lithium-ion batteries powering iPhones have a limited lifespan. After 300 to 500 charge cycles, most iPhone batteries show reduced capacity and no longer hold a charge as long. Symptoms of a worn out iPhone battery include fast battery drain, unexpected shutdowns, and slow performance. When an iPhone battery begins to wear out, the phone throttles processor performance to compensate for the weaker battery. This “throttling” can make your iPhone run abnormally slow.


Replacing an ageing iPhone battery restores fast charging capacity and resolves throttling issues caused by the old battery. Battery replacement is fast and inexpensive compared to purchasing a new iPhone. We always use high-quality replacement batteries that match Apple’s specs so you get optimal performance. In some cases, we even salvage lightly used batteries from recycled iPhones for refurbished batteries that function like new.


Charging Port Issues


The Lightning port on the bottom of your iPhone where you plug in the charge cable takes a lot of use over time. Dust, debris, and moisture can build up inside the port, preventing the cable from properly connecting. If your iPhone does not recognize charger cables or seems loose when connected, the Lightning port contacts are likely dirty or damaged. We use precision tools to clean out the port and replace any bent or broken connector pins. Our charging port repairs get your port back in flawless condition so cables connect tightly.


Speakers Not Working


When one or both of your iPhone’s speakers stop functioning, it ruins the experience of listening to music, watching videos, FaceTiming and all other audio playback. In most cases, blown iPhone speakers are caused by exposure to liquid or humidity seeping into the speaker grilles. We methodically disassemble your iPhone, dry out any water damage with isopropyl alcohol, and examine the speakers under a microscope to pinpoint the issue. If the speakers are fried, we replace them with brand new OEM speakers to restore full sound.


Microphone Problems


Does the other party have difficulty hearing you on phone calls? Do voice recordings on your iPhone sound muffled or glitchy? Damaged or blocked microphone components are likely the cause. The cause could be a defective mic or trapped debris blocking sound entry. We use professional-grade tools to thoroughly clean the microphone mesh screens and inspect 

for internal damage. Any mic components that are cracked or torn will be replaced. Our microphone repairs restore crystal clear call quality.


Back Glass Damage


On newer iPhones that utilise glass back panels, it only takes one slip and fall onto a hard surface to completely shatter the back glass. Cracked back glass leaves your iPhone’s internal components vulnerable to outside elements. We remove all broken shards of glass and replace the back panel with OEM glass designed specifically for your iPhone model. Our back glass replacement services also include installing a new adhesive gasket to reseal protection against splash damage.


Buttons Not Working


The volume, power, and home buttons on your iPhone can stop being responsive from regular wear and tear. Most button issues are caused by the small rubber component underneath the button breaking down over time. Replacing this rubber stopper and button component restores a clicky, responsive button. If the actual on-board button contacts are damaged, we will install a new button assembly so the external button functions properly again. Our button repairs get all your iPhone’s buttons clicking like new.


Touchscreen Not Responding


Today’s iPhone touch screens utilize layers of glass overlaying advanced digitizer circuitry powered by a touch IC chip. If any layer in this touchscreen “sandwich” gets damaged, the whole touch display can stop responding properly. Symptoms include dead spots, flickering, freezing, and taps/swipes not registering. After fully disassembling your iPhone, we diagnose whether the glass, digitizer cables, or touch IC chip is causing the issue. Any damaged touch components will be replaced with 100% working OEM parts. Our touch screen repairs keep the touch response on your iPhone fast and accurate.


Earpiece Speaker Not Working


The earpiece speaker on your iPhone is a tiny component, but delivers important sound for phone calls and Siri instructions. Dust, debris and liquid are common killers of iPhone earpiece speakers. If the earpiece is not emitting sound, our techs will meticulously clean the speaker mesh and examine for internal damage. We will replace the earpiece speaker if cleaning does not restore function. Vital call audio will come through loud and clear after our earpiece speaker repairs.


Cameras Not Focusing


The sophisticated dual-camera systems on new iPhones can lose focus function from damage. Dropping your iPhone could knock cameras out of alignment or shake solder joints loose. Open exposure to water can also short circuit camera components. Blurry, unfocused photos and videos are a symptom of camera damage. To fix, we reseat the cameras into proper position and inspect solder points and water indicators. If the cameras cannot be salvaged, we replace them with genuine Apple cameras. Enjoy sharp, professional-grade photos again after our camera repairs.


Error Messages


Do error prompts like “Invalid Battery” or “Liquid Detected” pop up randomly on your iPhone? These system error messages can indicate hardware problems, even if your iPhone seems to work fine otherwise. We will fully examine all components like the logic board, sensors, and battery to uncover the source of buggy system errors. Any glitch-causing parts will be replaced with rigorously tested components free of defects. You can trust us to debug frustrating iPhone error messages and restore smooth performance.


Water Damage


Accidental water exposure is a common killer of iPhones, especially among swimmers, beachgoers and boaters. The slightest moisture inside your iPhone can cause oxidation and electrical shorts that damage internal components over time. After water damage, an iPhone can work temporarily but shut down as corrosion spreads.


Thankfully, there are ways to save a water-damaged iPhone if treated quickly. We open up the phone, dry out all accessible moisture, clean corrosion, and replace any fried parts. With prompt action, we can usually resurrect an iPhone from even a thorough soaking. Do not attempt to power on a wet iPhone before having it professionally dried, as it may short circuit the logic board.


Bad Wi-Fi/Cellular Reception


Weak cell and Wi-Fi signals lead to slow data speeds, streaming interruptions, and dropped calls. The root cause is often a damaged antenna. The tiny antenna bands running along the exterior of your iPhone are quite fragile. Even a small ding in the metal frame can sever the antenna connections inside. We will carefully inspect your iPhone’s antennas under magnification to spot any breaks in the wiring. Damaged antennas will be replaced with perfectly functioning OEM antennas for the strongest possible reception.


Vibration/Haptics Not Working


Many iPhone functions utilize haptic feedback – small vibrations produced by the Taptic Engine that mimic a button press. When haptics fail, you lose the physical response from keyboard typing, 3D Touch, notifications and other features. The issue usually stems from stuck, broken or detached haptic components inside the Taptic Engine. We efficiently disassemble the Taptic Engine, make any necessary repairs, and reinstall it in your iPhone to restore full haptic sensation and vibration abilities.


Software Problems


In rare instances, buggy iOS software updates and corrupted system files can cause erratic iPhone behaviour. Symptoms include frozen screens, apps crashing constantly, and features not activating properly. Before replacing any hardware, we first diagnose if iOS software issues are the culprit. We will reinstall the latest stable iOS version, clear corrupt files, remove problematic apps, and perform other software fixes. If software tweaks do not solve the problem, only then will we move on to hardware repair solutions. Either way, we won’t stop until your iPhone runs like new again.


Loose Charging Port


The Lightning port on the bottom of your iPhone is designed for thousands of uses, but still may loosen over time. If your charging cable falls out too easily, the internal port housing likely needs to be re-secured. Our techs will open up your iPhone, detach the loose port, apply fresh adhesive, and firmly reseat it for a tight, wobble-free connection. No more worrying about your charging cable randomly falling out after our port repair.


Slow Charging


As lithium-ion batteries degrade, charge times slow down substantially. An old iPhone battery may require 2-3 hours for a full charge instead of 1-2 hours when brand new. Along with reduced capacity, slow charging is a tell-tale sign your battery needs replacement. We swap in a new OEM battery to restore fast charge times so you can quickly juice up your iPhone when running low. Busy users who rely on their iPhones will appreciate how quickly our battery replacements recharge.




It’s normal for your iPhone to get warm while playing graphics-intensive games or using power-hungry apps. But consistent overheating can accelerate wear on components like the battery and logic board. Dust build-up in cooling vents is a common cause of iPhone overheating. We use micro tools to clear out all dust, debris and pet hair from the cooling pathways inside your iPhone. A fresh application of thermal paste on the logic board also helps transfer heat away efficiently. Our cleaning and maintenance will resolve abnormal overheating for good.


Jammed Power Button


If your iPhone’s power button gets stuck depressed inward, it can get stuck in a loop of powering off and on constantly. This problem happens as dust and debris build up around the power button over time. We open up your iPhone, blast out any contaminants with compressed air, and realign the power mechanism. Our power button repairs stop an annoyingly repeating reboot cycle.


Unresponsive Touch ID


The Touch ID fingerprint scanner is a key feature that allows quick, secure access to your iPhone. But the fingerprint sensor can stop recognizing stored prints due to scratched or dirty sensor glass. We gently polish away micro crack in phones and use solvents to clean any grease or dirt off Touch ID. For sensors that are too degraded, we install a brand new Touch ID assembly to restore instant fingerprint login. Rely again on Touch ID after our sensor repairs.


Frozen Screens


When your iPhone’s screen gets stuck on one image and becomes completely unresponsive, a couple components could be the culprit. Faulty RAM chips sometimes cause freezing, which we can replace. The display connectors may also need to be unplugged, cleaned, and reseated. If the screen freeze is caused by a software glitch, we reinstall iOS to resolve it. No matter the cause, our technicians will properly diagnose what is making your iPhone screen freeze up and not respond.


Discoloured Rear Glass


The glass backs on new iPhone models may take on a yellow or cloudy tone as adhesive chemicals react over time. While not harmful, discoloured rear glass looks unpleasant. We can replace your yellowed rear glass with a brand new OEM panel. Our glass replacement service also includes installing fresh adhesive for maximum clarity. Don’t settle for a blemished back glass when we can restore a pristine look.


Damaged Speakers


The stereo speaker setup produces immersive sound on new iPhones. But pushed to maximum volume, the speakers can blow out and distort all audio playback. We examine the tiny speaker components under high magnification to spot any damage. Burned out speakers will be replaced in pairs with genuine Apple speakers. You will be amazed at the loud, clear stereo sound after our speaker repairs.




As you can see, we tackle every common iPhone repair under the sun! With parts, tools, and skills matched by no one else, we get your iPhone fixed quickly and reliably. Don’t waste money on a new iPhone when cost-effective repairs can restore your existing phone. Our technicians have a true passion for helping people get the most out of their iPhones.


Bring your iPhone into Repair My Crack today for a free diagnostic exam. We will determine exactly what is wrong with your phone and present your best repair options. You can trust our apple-certified technicians to restore your iPhone to like-new condition again. The exceptional care we take with every iPhone repair makes us the top option in town. We have experts for Samsung mobile cracked screen Repairs also.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment – we look forward to getting you back on your iPhone!